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Larry Wynn

Church Revitalization
Georgia Baptist Convention

“In every generation God raises up men He uses to bring men to Christ and the church to a passion for those who need Christ. Jon Reed is one of those men. He is passionate, compassionate and committed to the Biblical ministry of Evangelism. I have used Jon at Hebron and will again. I recommend Jon Reed to any pastor who desires to see His church excited about seeing people come to Christ.”

Dr. Steve R. Parr

Staff Coordination and Development
Georgia Baptist Convention

“May I recommend Evangelist, Jon Reed as a great resource for ministry in your church. Jon has proven to be one of the finest Revival preachers available today.  You will find him to be personable, a person of integrity, a preacher who is evangelistic, and a great resource for revival preparation.  God is doing great things through Jon’s ministry and you will be blessed to have him in your church!”

Dr. Brian Stowe, Pastor

FBC Plant City, FL

“I am delighted to recommend Jon Reed to your ministry.  I have had the privilege to know Jon for several years and to have Jon preach for me numerous times – in revival services, Sunday mornings and evenings, as well as for our Wild Game Dinner.  On every occasion the Lord has used Jon to speak a clear and compelling word to those that do not know Christ as well as a challenging word to the Body of Christ.  Jon has no agenda but to see the Lord glorified and the lost come to Christ.  He is truly a man of God that has a life that backs up his message.

He is a great encouragement to me and our church.  I can promise you that your ministry will be enhanced and sharpened by this dear brother.  If you are looking for a man of God that will clearly preach the Word of God and give a clear and compelling invitation for people to trust Christ, Jon is that man.  I look forward to the day when Jon will be back with us at Maysville Baptist Church.”

Bucky Kennedy, Evangelist

President of BKM Ministries
Former President of the Georgia Baptist Convention

“Jon Reed is the real deal! He preaches with a passion for souls and a hunger to see people come to a transformational relationship with Jesus Christ.

Just because many churches have stopped using evangelists doesn’t mean that God has and Jon Reed is proof that God called; evangelists are still God’s precious and powerful gift to the church. Pastor, Jon is a man of integrity who will respect your position but also challenge your people with the saving message of biblical salvation.”

Rev. Steve Foster, Interim Pastor

Summit Baptist Church

“Jon Reed is a gifted preacher with a passion to lead the church to experience true revival and an obvious gift to extend the invitation and invite people to salvation. He has one of the best preparation plans to help pastors prepare their church to experience a spiritual harvest that I have ever seen. Perhaps more importantly, Jon Reed is the real deal. His character and integrity are above reproach. God gave gifts to His church and one of those gifts is the Evangelist. I encourage you to use Jon for your next revival meeting or evangelistic event. Both you and your church will be blessed.”

Jeff Lyle, Pastor

New Bridge Baptist Church

“The first time I heard the voice of Jon Reed was not in a pulpit, but rather at a car wash. As he spoke on his phone with someone I noted sincerity, compassion, and love in his words and tone and felt compelled to speak with him because he sounded like a follower of my Lord. Sure enough, he was. Long story, short: Jon and I struck up a friendship that day and he is now one of a handful of preachers that I confidently welcome into the pulpit of New Bridge Baptist Church.

His passion to help pastors and churches reignite the commitment to win the unsaved to Christ is exactly what our congregation – and their pastor – needed. He is not the type of evangelist who comes in to wow the brethren, collect a check, and move on. He invests in our church before, during, and after each of the meetings with prayer, follow up, and the desire to see God change our congregation.
Each time Jon has come our people have made commitments in the areas of which Jon spoke, and our church has seen ongoing fruit since then. Forgive me if it sounds selfish but I will be welcoming Jon Reed back to New Bridge more than once in the upcoming year  not so much to support his ministry, but to strengthen the one God has given me. Pastor to pastor: Jon is God’s man and your flock needs what Jon is saying.”

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